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While cookbooks have their place in our lives, increasingly more and more people are turning to food blogs in their food exploration journey. It is not enough to obtain food recipes and cooking directions. You need to know whether you can master the cooking skills needed to prepare a certain dish. You need to have a trusted guide that the food you are about to make will taste good or at the very least an indication of what to expect. These are considerations that only food bloggers will guide you through well.

Herein are some of the best food blogs you need to be following as you take a journey of exploring food.

#1. Serious Eats This blog is uniquely designed for individuals who are interested in exploring the entire topic of food. The blog covers food science, food histories, techniques, equipment, and, obviously recipes. Moreover, it has a podcast which provides variety in the way its followers consume its content.

#2. 101 Cookbooks  Increasingly, people are turning to whole natural foods. While they are healthier, one should go an extra mile to bring out the good in the ingredients. To this end, 101 Cookbooks helps individuals looking to enhance their abilities to bring out the best in their ingredients. The blog also has a YouTube channel with short video recipes.

#3. The Plant Philosophy  More and more people are turning vegan to benefit from better health and to reduce their impact on mother nature. However, if you had been living on an omnivorous diet, turning vegan comes with its own share of challenges, chief among them finding the best seasoning and cooking methods for vegan diets. If you are in such a situation, The Plant Philosophy is the blog to follow.

#4. Thermal Kitchen  Are you looking to pick up a paleo diet, this is the blog for you. Michelle Tam, the proprietor of the blog has done wonder with this niche blog, thereby catering to the needs of individuals with a specific need consuming a paleo diet. You will be hard-pressed to find another blog that caters to the needs of paleo dieters as Nom Nom Paleo does.

#5. Food52 – Food52 has tried to infuse elements of food exploration. To this end, it is designed to bring cooks together, providing an efficient place for cooks to exchange recipes, create cookbooks, help each other, and much more. Importantly, the blog places an emphasis on supporting local producers, thereby enhancing the sense of community that is characteristic of the blog.

#6. Rasa Malaysia  If you are an avid consumer of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, or even Malaysian cuisines, this is the blog for you. Rasa Malaysia has hundreds of cooking, baking, and desert-making recipes that are easy to prepare yet very tasteful.

While we have highlighted these five, do note that there are hundreds of food blogs on the internet. Therefore, to get the best out of a blog, ensure that the blog is designed in a way you find easy to consume content. Additionally, make a point of following blogs that you can trust.

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